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Photographs and Report by Trev Wiley for CustGP

Classic Motorbike Trials / Classic Observed Trials competition, Weedons Ross Rd Classic Trial, Nr West Melton, North end of Weedons Ross Rd, Canterbury, held on March 4th 2012.

Andy Beale. Triumph Trophy Trials

Andy Beale. Triumph Trophy TrialsWeedons Ross Rd Classic Trial.

Weedons Ross Rd Classic Trial.
Due to high water level at the Loburn venue, the trial was rescheduled to be run at Waimak river (weedons ross road).A well set out 8 sections by Brent and Shirley , the ground was perfect and unaffected by the downpour the previous days, Magic.
A few enjoyable beers were downed at the Yaldy, when in hobbled a smiling Mr Gardener on his crutches, still on the pain killers after the knee opp', ale was not drank, but he still managed his basket of chips.

A question from one of the clan who is building a C15 special, was wondering what pistons are available to make a big bore version. From what I can gather a bonneville 650 piston with a shortened skirt will give you 277cc (71 bore x 70 stroke). But, I'm sure there's plenty of you classic guys out there on the interweb who can elaborate on other options as we have an inkling that jap pistons can be made to work too. Any help on that, please send to Will here at Cust GP.
Cheers Trev

Big thanks to Peter McDonald for always supplying a good BBQ, and to Trev Wiley.

If I have spelt your name wrong, or ballsed up completely, let me know, just send me an email.
Will Gittoes

Paul Jackson. Fantic

Paul Jackson. FanticWeedons Ross Rd Classic Trial.

Scott Harrison. Excelsior Trials 150

Scott Harrison. Excelsior Trials 150Weedons Ross Rd Classic Trial.

Alan Mason. Triumph Trials Cub

Alan Mason. Triumph Trials CubWeedons Ross Rd Classic Trial.

Brian Chambers. Trials Special 197

Brian Chambers. Trials Special 197 - Classic Trials

Classic Results

Classic A - 1st Scott Harrison 2pts
2nd Brian Chambers 14pts

Classic B - N/A

Twin Shock A+ - 1st Kendall McDonald 1pt
2nd Paul Jackson 2pts
3rd Brent Downes 8pts
4th Andy Beale 13pts

Post Classic A - 1st Graham Slee 1pts
2nd Mike Elliott 2pts
3rd Mel Banks 17pts

Post Classic B - 1st John Simons 8pts
2nd Shirley McDonald 19pts

Mono Shock A+ - 1st John Regan 8pts
2nd Richard Cripps 37pts

Mono Shock A - 1st Trev Wiley 13pts
2nd Simons Jones 15pts

Mono Shock B - N/A

Graham Slee. Honda TLR200

Graham Slee. Honda TLR200 - Classic Trials

Mike Elliott. Yamaha TY 250

Mike Elliott. Yamaha TY 250 - Classic Trials

John Regan. TY250 Mono

John Regan. TY250 Mono - Classic Trials

Richard Cripps. Fantic

Richard Cripps. Fantic - Classic Trials

Mel Banks. TLR 200

Mel Banks. TLR 200 - Classic Trials.

Simon Jones. Fantic

Simon Jones. Fantic       Classic Trials

Kendall McDonald. Honda TLR200

Kendall McDonald. Honda TLR200 - Classic Trials