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Canterbury Classic Sporting Trials Calendar 2017

      Sections to suit all grades of riders          70’s style sections – nothing dangerous
      Boots and helmets must be worn          All twin-shock and air cooled mono-shock bikes welcome
      10.00am starts             DEFINITELY NO DOGS (even on leads)

Jan 22nd    Kainga Classic Trial,    Kainga Rd, between Kainga and Brooklands.
Feb 19th    Mt Thomas Classic Trial,    Kerry Miles Farm, Mt Thomas Rd, off Oxford Rd.
Mar 5th    North Loburn Classic Trial,    Mt Grey Rd.
Apr 2nd     Cust Reunion Classic Trial.    Oxford Rd, at Cust River bridge. - non point scoring event
May 7th    Greendale Classic Trial,    Ridgens Farm. Greendale Rd, off Bealy Rd, Darfield.
May 28th   Waimak Trials Park - non point scoring event - north across the old waimak bridge, then hard left into the riverbed access road. follow the road upstream for about 3km - trials park on the left.
Jun 3rd – 5th    Kaikoura  Kaikoura Trial,    MTAC 3 day event.
Jul 2nd    West Melton Classic Trial,    Waimak River, North end of Weedons Ross Rd.
Aug 6th    Waikuku Classic Trial,    Tulls Rd, at Ashley River access.
Sep 3rd    Waipara Classic Trial,    Waipara river, at Hwy 1 bridge.
Oct 1st    Mt Thomas Classic Trial,    Kerry Miles Farm, Mt Thomas Rd, off Oxford Rd.
Nov 5th    Marshmans Classic Trial,  Marshmans Rd, Sefton, Canterbury.
Nov 26th    Greybeards Trial Classic Trial, Greybeards Trial, venue & date TBC - Pioneer event.
Dec 3rd    Spencerville Classic Trial, Christmas Trial,    Lower Styx Rd.

Confirmation of Details:
Saturday’s “PRESS” (the day before the Trial), in “Motorcycles Sell” column, under “Classic”.


NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial Calendar 2017

2017 NZ Ihatove Adventure Trial Weekend
Friday is all about a fun ride and coaching. Saturday and Sunday will give you the Ihatove experience.
There are approximately 12 -15 sections out on the Saturday trail plus we return to a further 10 near home base (all sections are ridden once).
On the Sunday- a different loop that's a bit shorter, but still approximately 12-15 trail sections and the same 10 at home base (all sections are ridden once)

Fri 10th - Sun 10th February 2017
NonStop Trials Park, 88 Valley Road,
Wakefield, Nelson.


Classic Sporting Trials Old Thumpers Calendar 2017

Seventh Annual Mussel Inn Classic Trial - Waitangi Weekend
Open to all Pre 65 and twin shock trials machines - Social trial with sections to suit all skill levels and older machines - More than just a day out - a real classic in paradise. Plan to stay. Prizegiving at venue afterwards.

4th-5th February 2017 - trial starts: 2pm / Trial on the 4th , Scrambles on the 5th.
State Highway 60
Onekaka Golden Bay


Northern Region Trials Calendar 2015

Venues may change please check first!
Jan 18th    Hamiltton Air-Cooled Round 1,  Onewhero.
Feb 22nd    Hamiltton Air-Cooled Round 2,   Bombers.
Mar 29th     Hamiltton Air-Cooled Round 3,   Andersons.
May 24th    Hamiltton Air-Cooled Round 4,   McKenzie’s.
Jul 12th   Hamiltton Air-cooled Round 5,    Kents.
Sep 27th    Hamiltton Air-cooled 6,    Arthur’s
Nov 22rd    Hamiltton Air-cooled Trial Prize giving,    Livingstone’s

BOP - Nigel Shilton 07 576 1692, Warwick Merriman 07 543 0095, Mike Gundry 075434204.
Waikato - Robbie Bennett 078245051, Barry Nicholls 07 8554891, Peter Osborne 07 8543838.
Auckland - (NZCMRR) Ray Charlton 09 846 8736, (WMCC)Andrew Meisner 021 104 9380.


The Central Classic & Twinshock Trials CALENDAR ----

To confirm venues/times please contact Robert Cochrane Ph 06-343-7585
See you there
Robert Cochrane


Mick Andrews New Zealand Tour

Mick Andrews New Zealand Tour Feb-March 2011

Mick's five weeks NZ Tour.

Mick Andrews New Zealand Tour Feb-March 2011 - Christchurch, Nelson, Upper Hutt, Wanganui, Kapiti and Hamilton. Photos of Mick at Living Springs Classic & Twinshock Trial   more..

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CustGP    Classic Trials

Starting Classic Trials / Observed Trials

If you're thinking about getting into Trials and having some fun on a old trials bike why not come along and see what it's all about.

Classic Trials Canterbury

Riders need good balance, throttle control and skill to negotiate tough hazards or 'sections', such as rock piles, stream beds, twists and turns over tree roots and hill climbs.
There is no real speed component and riders are marked on their ability to ride the course without stopping or putting a foot down.
Riders choose a level suitable for them and their bike, the emphasis will be on a fun ride without breaking bike or body.
Its the cheapest motorcycle sport to get into and you can take it to any level you want.
Come along and see what it's all about.