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Photographs by Rich Wiley & CustGP

Classic Motorbike Trials / Classic Observed Trials competition, Kainga Classic Trial, Kainga Rd, between Kainga and Brooklands Canterbury, held on Jan 15th 2012.

Kainga Classic Trials Stef Downes

Stef Downes. Honda TLRKainga Classic Trials.

Kainga Classic Trial.
The course was marked out / designed by Alan Mason, Simon Jones and Stefan Ingendae.
With 30 plus riders, who were all very keen to hone their skills for the new season, this was not a point scoring trial, just to blow-out the xmas cobwebs for the next trial. Check that you have the right date - Feb 12th - Little River ~~ Note ~~Western valley (New Date). Also I took some video of the trial and it came out ok, so I will add it to this page some time next week.

Big thanks to Peter for always supplying a good BBQ.

Another brilliant day of classic motorcycle trials in Canterbury.

If I have spelt your name wrong, or ballsed up completely, let me know, just send me an email.
Will Gittoes
PS if anyone can help me out with a swinging arm for my Francis Barnett 197cc c1955 - 1965 please let me know.

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Kainga Classic Trials Kendall McDonald. Honda TLR250

Kendall McDonald. Honda TLR250Kainga Classic Trials.

Kainga Classic Trials Alan Mason. Triumph Trials Cub

Alan Mason. Triumph Trials CubKainga Classic Trials.

Kainga Classic Trials, Andy Beale

Andy Beale. Triumph Trophy Trials - Kainga Trial

Kainga Classic Trials, Fergus Miles

Fergus Miles. Yamaha TY175 - Classic Trials

Kainga Classic Trials - Paul Dowell

Paul Dowell. Honda TLR200         Classic Trials

Kainga Classic Trials, Wayne Harper. Honda RTL 250

Wayne Harper. Honda RTL 250         Classic Trials

Kainga Classic Trials Brent Downes

Brent Downes. BSA Trials       Classic Trials

Kainga Classic Trials

Kerry Miles. Ossa MAR - Kainga Classic Trial.