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      Classic Trials > Recent Trials > Cust Reunion Classic Trial 2012 for Classic Motorbike Trials / Classic Observed Trials, in New Zealand.     Photographs by Richard Wiley & CustGP
Classic Motorbike Trials / Classic Observed Trials competition, Cust Reunion Classic Trial, Oxford Rd, at Cust River bridge, Canterbury, held on April 1st 2012.


Stefan Ingendae. FanticCust Reunion Classic Trial.

Kendall McDonald

Kendall McDonald. Honda TLR200Cust Reunion Classic Trial.

Cust Reunion Classic Trial.
The course was marked out / designed by Brian Chambers and Ken McDonald.
With 30 plus riders, who were all very keen to to get their hands on some silverware, this produced some fine rides. In particular the close and long battle between the A+ riders, with Alan coming out best this time, also a great ride by Dave Chambers in the Classic A.
What a exciting day for all of us spectators; we were treated to some top action, all through the day, and I can't wait till the next classic trial at Greendale - May 6th at Ridgens Farm. Greendale Rd, off Bealy Rd, Darfield.

Another brilliant day of classic motorcycle trials in Canterbury.
Big thanks to Peter for always supplying a good BBQ.

If I have spelt your name wrong, or ballsed up completely, let me know, just send me an email.
Will Gittoes

Cust Reunion Classic Trial Richard Cripps

Richard Cripps. Fantic MonoCust Reunion Classic Trial.

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Classic Results

Classic A - 1st Dave Chambers 4pts
2nd Scott Harrison 19pts
3rd Brian Chambers 21pts

Classic B - 1st Rob Stowell 10pts
2nd Mike Quigley 25pts

Twin Shock A+ - 1st Alan Duthie 2pts
2nd Kendall McDonald 11pts
3rd Stefan Ingedae 26pts
4th Keith Brown 43pts

Post Classic A - 1st Brent Downes 4pts
2nd Mike Elliott 21pts
3rd Dave Davies 37pts
4th Robert Lovell 44pts

Post Classic B - 1st John Simons 1pt
2nd John Beresford 6pts
3rd Greg Creagh 11pts
4th Shirley McDonald 18pts

Mono Shock A+ - 1st John Regan 4pts
2nd Wayne Harper 13pts
3rd Richard Cripps 43pts

Mono Shock A - 1st Nathan Rickerby 11pts
2nd Brent Cooley 24pts
3rd Trev Wiley 47pts

Mono Shock B - N/A

Cust Reunion Classic Trials

Kerry Miles. HONDA RTL - Cust Reunion Classic Trial.

Cust Reunion Classic Trials, Shirley McDonald

Shirley McDonald. Fantic         Classic Trials

Cust Reunion Classic Trials Rob

Rob Lovell. TY175       Classic Trials

Cust Reunion Classic Trials John Regan. TY250 Mono

John Regan. TY250 Mono       Classic Trials