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Classic Motorbike Trials / Classic Observed Trials competition, Action from 2009 Brian Barnsley Memorial Classic Trials Series Hamilton.

Neil McCabe Bultaco325 Round 2

Neil McCabe. Bultaco325 Round 2

Peter Osborne Fantic200 Round 2

Peter Osborne. Fantic200 Round 2

Ian Petty TLR250

Ian Petty. Honda TLR250 Round 5

2009 Brian Barnsley Memorial Trial

2009 Brian Barnsley Memorial Trial Series Round 1

HAMILTON MOTORCYCLE CLUB The Brian Barnsley Memorial Air-Cooled Trials
Series Round 5 Prize Giving Trial SUNDAY 15 NOVEMBER 2009

In the interests of promoting Air-Cooled Trials Bikes from the past and their Owners
The Grades: Sections will be designed for the bike’s and the rider’s ability.
A Grade: Twinshock and Air-cooled Monoshock (pre 95 air-cooled) (Red Arrows)
B Grade: Pre Sixty-Five Classics, Twinshock, Air-cooled Monoshock (Blue Arrows)
C Grade: Pre Sixty-Five Classics, Twinshock and Air-cooled Monoshock (red & white)

The Series: Through 2009 we intend to run 5 Air-cooled trials events,
Four counting for the Brian Barnsley Memorial Series and one in November as a Prize
Giving event. As it is the inaugural year the 2009 series will be decided on the best
three rounds out of the four.
The Rules:
These will be as per the MNZ Nonstop rules published in the MNZ rulebook.

Ray Charlton TigerCub Round 2

Ray Charlton. TigerCub Round 2

Peter Osborne. Poad200

Peter Osborne. Poad200 Round 5