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WES Walker Exhaust Silencers Workshop

WES Walker Exhaust Silencers Workshop

WES Walker Exhaust Silencers TLR

WES Silencer System for the Honda TLR 200 / 250

WES - Walker Exhaust Silencers

Walker Exhaust Silencers or as we all know them as WES are probably the best classic trials exhaust systems in the world. Owned and run by Dick Walker, a fine trials rider in his day, Dick is an engineer so it was an obvious progression to get into something related to trials motorcycles.

WES Walker Exhaust Silencers Dick Walker at Work

Dick Walker

Dick competed on a Montesa in the early seventies, a good bike - but he knew that well designed exhaust system could make it better - and the rest is history.

On a trip back to the UK recently I called to see Dick at his workshop in Brecon and after talking to him for a while his skill and dedication became obvious.
All his exhausts are not copies of the originals but designed and developed to be far better and, of course, made from alloy they are much lighter too.

The WES are a range of trials alloy silencers for Ossa, Fantic, Montesa, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha series.
At the time of my visit Dick was working on an all new Tigercub silencer in conjunction with, and exclusively for, Sammy Miller Products. -It will be the best Tigercub silencer ever made-, said Dick.

Trials Yamaha Majesty WES System

Yamaha Majesty with a WES system

Made to order and subject to a minimum guantity Dick also makes silencers for Fantic, Gas Gas, Beta and Montesa mono shock models.

He also makes some great front fork multi-rate spring kits for 35mm Marzocchi, Ceriani, REH, MP, Bultaco, Ossa, Fantic, Montesa Etc and they include spacer / breather, valves, decals and instructions.
He also has some high quality Honda TLR 250 piston kits, footrest mounting kits and silencer packing No 1 grade are also available.

Dick use to supply the public direct, but spent most of his time on the phone, so you can get WES trials parts from…

Checking a finished Silencer

Checking a finished silencer on a jig

WES Main Dealers:

Dick Walker riding Scottish trial 1970

Dick Walker riding Scottish Trial 1970

WES, Unit 11 Ffrwdgrech Industrial Estate, Ffrwdgrech Road,
Brecon, Powys LD3 8LA. UK.

When you fit a WES silencer / exhaust remember that they are designed for competition use - minor modification may be needed for some fitments and in all cases your carb should be re-tuned, as it is when you fit any new exhaust system to a trials-bike.

Regards Will Gittoes

WES Alloy Trials Silencers for Classic Trials Motorcycles:
Yamaha TY175 Std Rear
Yamaha TY175 All in One Main
Yamaha TY175 2 Silencer System
Yamaha TY250 Std Rear
Yamaha TY250 2 Silencer System
Yamaha TY250 Mono (Go) Rear
Yamaha TY250 Mono (Smooth) Rear
Fantic Trial 200 Rear
Fantic Pro 240 / 125 Rear
Fantic Pro 300 Rear
Ossa Mar Mk 1 / 2 Rear inc Fittings
Suzuki RL 250 / 325 Rear
Montesa 247 Rear
Montesa 247C Rear
Montesa 348 Rear
Montesa 349 Mk 1,2,3,4,5 / MH Rear
Honda TLR 200 / 250 2 Silencer System inc Fittings