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Classic Motorbike Trials / Classic Observed Trials competition, Waikuku Classic Trials, Tulls Rd, at Ashley River access. Canterbury, held on August 5th 2012.

Photographs by Lynette Barnett for CustGP

Waikuku Classic Trial

Fisrt SectionWaikuku Classic Trials.

Hi all, sorry we have no photos of this month’s trial, but John Simons has sent the results in. Normal service will resume next month.

Lynette Barnett has come to rescue and has sent me in some great photos - Manny thanks to Peter and Lynette Barnett.

Waikuku Classic Trial

Brian Chambers - Villiers SpecialWaikuku Classic Trials.

Classic Results

Classic A
1st Dave Chambers 13pts
2nd Scott Harrison 19pts
3rd Brian Chambers 51pts
4th Mel Banks 66pts

Classic B
1st Shirley McDonald 29pts
2nd Mike Quigley 31pts

Twin Shock A+
1st Kendall McDonald 6pts
2nd Brent Downes 26pts
3rd Keith Brown 41pts
4th Stefan Ingedae 58pts

Post Classic A
1st Dick Gardner 29pts
2nd Dave Davies 46pts

Post Classic B
1st John Simons 16pts
2nd Fergus Miles 25pts
3rd Peter Barnett 34pts
44th Mike smith 35pts

Mono Shock A+
1st John Regan 14pts
2nd Wayne Harper 22pts

Mono Shock A
1st Brent Cooley 32pts
2nd= Nathan Rickerby 51pts
2nd= Trev Wiley 51pts

Mono Shock B

Collated by John Simons.

Simon Jones. Fantic

Scott Harrison - Excelsior.       Classic Trials

Brent Downes - BSA Special

Alan Mason - Tiger Cub

Dave Chambers - Villiers

Dave Davies - Yamaha TY

Dick Gardner - Yamaha TY

John Regan - Yamaha TY

John Simons - Yamaha TY

Keith Brown - Yamaha TY

Mel Banks - Tiger Cub

Mike Smith - Honda TL

Peter Barnett - Fantic

Wayne Harper - Honda RTL