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Classic Motorbike Trials / Classic Observed Trials competition, North Loburn Classic Trial, Mt Grey Rd, Canterbury, held on March 3rd 2013.

Photographs by Rich Wiley & CustGP

North Loburn Classic Trial

North LoburnClassic Motorcycle Trial

The course was expertly marked out / designed by Brent Downes and Shirley McDonald.
The rain may have dampened the enthusiasm for some; however the riders that came to the trial had a bloody great day. The rain had stopped and the riders were away at 10.00 but they saw much more water with all 8 sections in the creek, it all worked famously.
So we were all treated to another great day of classic motorcycle trials in Canterbury.
Most Important the BBQ, Big thank-you to Peter McDonald.

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Classic Results

Classic A
1st Scott Harrison 15pts

Classic B
1st Shirley McDonald 22pts

Twin Shock A+
1st Kendall McDonald 11pts
2nd Brent Downes 14pts
3rd Keith Brown 16pts

Post Classic A
1st Wayne Harper 8pts
2nd Mike Elliott 18pts
3rd Dave Davies 23pts
4th Dick Gardner 24pts

Post Classic B
1st John Simons 0pts
2nd Rodney Walls 11pts
3rd Fergus Miles 13pts
4th Gary Quinn 20pts

Mono Shock A+
1st John Regan 14pts

Mono Shock A
1st Simon Jones 19pts
2nd Trev Wiley 20pts

Mono Shock B

Collated by John Simons.

North Loburn Classic Trial

John Simons - Yamaha TY

Keith Brown - Yamaha TY

Scott Harrison - Excelsior

John Regan - Yamaha TY

Christine Thompson -

Wayne Harper - Honda TL

Robert Lovell - Suzuki RL

Shirley McDonald - Bantam

Trev Wiley - Honda

Brent Downes - Honda

Gary Quinn. Honda TL 125

Mike Elliott - Yamaha TY

Kendall McDonald - TLR

Dick Gardner - Yamaha TY

Simon Jones - Fantic

Peter Dunn - TY175

Dave Davies - TY175

Fergus Miles - TY175

Rodney Walls - TY175

Kerry Miles - Ossa


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