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Greendale Classic Trials Report, Ridgens Farm. Greendale Rd, off Bealy Rd, Darfield. Canterbury, held on May 1st 2016.

Photographs by Will Gittoes for CustGP

Greendale Classic Trial. The course was marked out / designed by Mel, Dick and Paul. Twenty five riders with some great sunshine and a few new sections, that tested every one, also plenty of tree roots, steep banks and tight turns; great job by Dick, Paul and Mel.

Another brilliant day of classic motorcycle trials in Canterbury.
Big thanks to Peter for always supplying a good BBQ.
Cheers Will Gittoes.

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Greendale Classic Trial

John Regan - Yamaha Ty

Hamish Barnett - TY

Brent Downes - Honda RS

Peter Dunn - Honda

Trev Wiley - Honda

John Philp - TY Mono

Shirley McDonald - TLR

Simon Jones - Fantic Mono

Dick Gardner - Yamaha TY

Peter Hosking - Montesa

Keith Brown - Yamaha TY

formula website card

Christine Thompson - Fanti

Kendall McDonald - TLR

Wayne Harper - TL250

Ref#02 - KT250

Peter Barnett - Fantic

Ref#01 - Ossa

Ref#06 - Yamaha

Dave Chambers - Villiers

Mike Elliott - TY250




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